by EOSTAR and the WEB of ONE

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NURSING FROM THE TAO Ordinary men are shining brightly As if enjoying a banquet or royal feast I alone won’t stand in the lime-light I alone appear to be listless and still Chorus: I am like and infant that hasn’t been born yet I am like an infant that hasn’t yet smiled Drifting in the current Carried by the sea I’m alone nursing from the Tao Ordinary men all have enough and more to spare I alone seem to have nothing at all I seem to have been dealt a crazy heart I seem to be dwelling in a state of chaos Ordinary men look shining and intelligent They are perceptive and know just what to do I alone seem to be dull and incapable I alone seem to be nothing but a fool
Sacred body Temple of my soul Do you feel the heat rising in love with all? (feel the) Dormant potential Waiting for the mystic call? Orgasmic surge of feelings Feel the love for all things Pulse of the cosmos Running all the way through Tell me if it’s true You can feel it too? Wake up Kundalini Wake up Kundalini Rise, rise, rise! Pure joy and transcendence Subtle body prana drops of essence Thousand headed serpent Climbing tall In this state of being I can see it all High conscious realization Feel the force awaken Layer after layer Your soul’s finally free Uncovered inner wisdom Sacred intensity
Opposites Darkness is only there in the shadow of the light Loneliness is only there in the absence of your starry eyes Peace is only there because of war tearing up the land Joy is only there because sadness was there way before it began Chorus: Which way will we go today my friend? Opposites move the world And the wisest thing we can ever do Is to be aware Sweetness is only there because of bitter memories The love of life is only there because life is a fragile thing This song is only there because no-one has been listening Awareness is only there because most of us will close their eyes to what’s happening
Anandoham 07:28
ANANDOHAM I am bliss, I am bliss, I am bliss ://// I extend in the bliss of no time I will take a sip of your wine I ‘m a reflection of you so why Separate myself from you and your kind? Anandoham, Anandoham, Anandoham :/ I am bliss, I am bliss, I am bliss ://// Until only pure bliss remains Until all has been lost and regained Under no banner and nobody’s name The armor falls only love remains Anandoham, Anandoham, Anandoham :/ I am bliss, I am bliss, I am bliss ://// I take courage to see who you are Touch your hair, see your fallen star In this moment of truth even your name Means nothing at all it has been erased Anandoham, Anandoham, Anandoham ://// I am bliss, I am bliss, I am bliss :////
Chorus: Welcome to Myself! I’ve been away for so long I can’t tell Welcome to Myself! Long lost friend Lost in a world of many mirrors I need to find a way to freedom So many doors but there’s just one key Open the door to see the real me And your steady flow of love Chorus I’ve been away so long without you My fears kept me from you Now I ask you to pour upon me Your infinite expanded being And your steady flow of love Chorus Keep me growing in all directions Help my soul’s expansion Bestow upon me your compassion While I’m getting closer to perfection And your steady flow of love
Om Shakti Om Shakti Om Shakti Om Devi Shakti Maya Shakti Guru Shakti Om Om Shakti Om Shakti Om Shakti Om Mother of the Universe Continually You’re giving birth To the great Illusion and mystery Oh, bring our love to victory Om Shakti Om Shakti Om Shakti Om Brahma Shakti Shiva Shakti Vishnu Shakti Om
AFTER THE STORM After the storm… The sun shines always brighter And the trees that have fallen Are creating new pathways For us to walk on After the storm… The birds on the trees that are drying their wings Are calling us to sing a new song The melody of which no-one has heard of Chorus: After the storm… Nothing ever remains the same The wildest storm can bring a positive change Flowers will bloom if you give them space Clouds are always changing their shape Chorus After the storm… The grass is always greener And the smell of the trees that are drying their leaves Reminds me of the mist rising from the ocean Chorus Bridge: After the storm… Why resist the change? We can grow our wings today


Recorded live in 2011-2013 at Cultureworks (Ashland, OR), Jackson Wellsprings (Ashland, OR) and New Earth Festival (Nevada City, CA)


released July 1, 2013


all rights reserved



EOSTAR and the WEB of ONE Sebastopol, California

Eostar and the WEB of ONE is based in the San Francisco Bay Area of California where they are one of the freshest and most unique bands of the West Coast conscious, psychedelic and jamband music scene.
Music with this 5 piece band is a journey into the heart on the wings of the transcendental jamband sound, original devotional lyrics and dance-inspiring grooves.
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